ADSPPO Accomplishments

For the period January to July 31, 2020, ADSPPO has conducted 51 positive operations in the campaign against illegal drugs resulting in the confiscation of 193.8938 grams of SHABU, 5,043.25 grams of marijuana with a total DDB value of Php5,095,827.84 and the arrest of 50 drug personalities, 1 person died during police operations


On campaign against loose firearms, a total of 240 operations have been conducted for the period covering January to July 31, 2020, that resulted in the arrest of 41 persons and the confiscation of 247 small Arms and 21 Light Weapons.


As to our campaign against Illegal Logging, 152 positive operations have been conducted in coordination with the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office that resulted in the arrest of 49 persons, confiscation of 66,982.921 board feet of mixed species of lumber, all with an aggregate estimated market value of Php 2,302,486.37


On the campaign against illegal gambling (PD 1602 as amended by RA 9287), 142 positive operations have been conducted that resulted in the apprehension of 301 personalities and the confiscation of Php 78,874.00 bet money and several gambling paraphernalia.


On the campaign of illegal fishing, 181 positive operations were conducted that result in the arrest of 9 persons and confiscation of different improvised electro fishing gear.


The campaign against wanted persons from January to July 31, 2020. the arrested persons in total is 216 were wanted persons and 28 most wanted persons